it's so plus easy !
  • Y!M Plus en français (original site with SDK)
    pour la France et le Québec
  • Y!M Plus in english
    for USA, UK, Australia, NZ, India, Asia and more...
  • Y!M Plus en español
    para España, México, Argentina, y EEUU
  • Y!M Plus in italiano
    per Italia
  • Yahoo! Group YMPLUS
    in english
Help you to discover, use, and personalize Yahoo! Messenger, and others Yahoo!'s services too...
Features & Content : Screenshot of Yahoo! Messenger and Y! Pilot with its Y! Mate screen-mates

And it's 100% F-R-E-E !!!
(without spyware)

Always ?

Personalize Yahoo! Messenger appearance ; download new skins or friend-icons.

Send and submit your skin or friend-icon to publish it on Y!M Plus website.

Not your language and/or country ?

We started new languages releases, but we need help to create, check, and complete chinese, deutsch, and portuguese packages...

Mail us to receive translator tool kit


Next release "Y!M Plus 1.8" on road at SourceForge and new Open-Source way : try Beta release, send feedback, and work on next release...

Y!M Plus project on SourceForge

Download & Install :

Requires :

Last advises before to install : readme.txt

Y!M Plus community :

Join Yahoo! Group YMPLUS and share tips, skins, plugins, or goodies (english group).